Review: Diagnostic Ultrasound - Edge by SonoSite

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By Dr. Braun on January 10, 2016


Punctures are truly strengths of the device. Switching from transducers is super! Mobility (you can "click out" and just take it from the mobile holder, therefore mobility is a big plus.


The transducers act "like the mass production," Compared devices (Siemens / Philips) have higher-quality transducers, at least one has the impression that there are no "plastic transducers" - thus Sonosite Edge is really cheap and relatively light.


Since when do you use the Sonosite Edge?This device has been used since 1 month in our hospital. In what condition was the Sonosite Edge?The device is new and is being leased. For what application did you use the Sonosite Edge?It is used for internal medicine, abdominal sonography, CVC-placement, thoracentesis, paracentesis, plant SPBF; Colleagues use the device for conditioning of pain catheters (femoral, sciatic). By whom the briefing was carried out and do you feel satisfied?Dealer/colleagues carried out the briefing. Is the user manual of the device useful?User manual was not needed since relatively self-explanatory for basic requirements, however, some functions were not adequately used and the service was sometimes characterized as really "hard." Would you get the Sonosite Edge again, why?I probably won't buy this again. The initial configuration was a bit complicated, so initially there was hardly any good ultrasound images of the abdomen (could hardly differentiate liver via ultrasound or differentiate from kidney). For punctures (anesthesiology including: CVC-placement) it is in my experience very good for conventional practice, the ultrasound of the abdomen, whether the relatively small screen and not quite as intuitive operation (use as a laptop, not a "scroll wheel" but buttons for image depth, etc.) is not suitable because it thereby delays. It's not as intuitive as some other devices of its competitors.