Review: Diagnostic Ultrasound - F31 by Hitachi

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By Dr. P. (Kornwestheim) on November 1, 2015


This device is very compact device and has good resolution.


The equipment was installed by the dealer, has been here twice for improvement and he will have to come again.


Since when do you use the Hitachi Color Duplex F31?I have been using the Hitachi Color Duplex F31 since September 21st, 2015. In what condition was the Hitachi Color Duplex F31?It was purchased in new condition. For what application did you use the Hitachi Color Duplex F31?It is used for internal medicine, abdomen and thyroid. By whom the briefing was carried out and do you feel satisfied?Sonotrend carried out the briefing. Is the user manual of the device useful?I have written my own 'Quick Start Guide'. Would you get the Hitachi Color Duplex F31 again, why?I'm not sure whether I would choose this merchant again. The last device in the service was very good, but this time it does not run as smoothly as expected.

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