Review: Diagnostic Ultrasound - Vscan™ by GE

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By Dr. Vogelsinger-Mühlberger on November 1, 2015


Its strengths are compactness, mobility, ease of use and produces very good pictures under optimal conditions.


I'd like to see more programs, e.g. echocardiography, more probe opportunities, better Doppler, and better resolution.


Since when do you use the GE Vscan?I have been using the GE Vscan since September 1st, 2015. In what condition was the GE Vscan?It was purchased as new, as a demonstration machine, hardly used. For what application did you use the GE Vscan?It's been used for internal medicine, mobile, abdomen, and also echo roughly. By whom the briefing was carried out and do you feel satisfied?Dealer delivered the briefing, very satisfied, honest about strengths and weaknesses of the device. Is the user manual of the device useful?Yes, the user manual is useful for operation, quick start guide and failure modes. Would you get the GE Vscan again, why?Of course, I would buy this again. It has unbeatable compact mobility!

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