Review: Diagnostic Ultrasound - Vivid I by GE

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Written by Mr. Weber, MD
  • Since when do you use the Vivid I?
  • I have been using this device since new acquisition of practice in 2014.
  • In what condition was the Vivid I?
  • We purchased a demo machine.
  • For what application did you use the Vivid I?
  • It is used for internal medicine, especially cardiovascular diagnostics.
  • By whom the briefing was carried out and do you feel satisfied?
  • Dealer carried out the briefing.
  • What strengths does the Vivid I have?
  • The device is very handy and light. The features are up to date and extensive. The screen is large with good resolution and the included probes are also especially recommended. Operation is intuitive, analysis functions are reliable, the building of casing and components are very good.
  • Is the user manual of the device useful?
  • The manual was clear and easy to understand. For questions about the extensive functions, usually a quick look in the manual helps.
  • What would you like differently?
  • The software sometimes works a little bit too slowly. The computer components could be updated, i.e. CPU, hard drive, RAM etc. Saving images on peripheral devices e.g. USB flash drive is too complicated and lengthy. Problems with hardware components can occur, and this requires very costly repair measures.
  • Would you get the Vivid I again, why?
  • I would probably get it again because it constitutes a good compromise to other devices due to its strengths, which are mobility, functionality, and operation.

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