Review: Diagnostic Ultrasound - LOGIQ 200 Pro by GE

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By Dr. Lassner on January 17, 2016


It is very user-friendly, easy handling, good resolution and has good image quality.


I recommend probe with a plurality of frequencies. For example, 3.5, 4.00 and 5.0 Mhz.


Since when do you use the GE Logiq 200 pro?Device has been in use since 2010. In what condition was the GE Logiq 200 pro?It was purchased new. For what application did you use the GE Logiq 200 pro?The device is used for abdomen, thyroid gland, retroperitoneum and soft tissues. By whom the briefing was carried out and do you feel satisfied?Dealer carried out the briefing. Is the user manual of the device useful?Yes, user manual is useful. Would you get the GE Logiq 200 pro again, why?I would purchase again any time, as good practice, experience over the years.

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