Thalamed - the one-stop-shop for buying your medical devices

If you are planning to buy a large device for your practice; i.e. an ultrasound or x-ray device, invest in your practice infrastructure; such as medical software, we will find the best partner for you, who offers the products that match with your wants and needs. Our partners share their expert knowhow with you and provide you with perfectly fitting offers, saving you the trouble of searching for products and contacting sales departments. This process is free of charge and free of obligation. You save your valuable time and you can trust, that you will receive fitting offers fast.

We can help you with most capital medical products, such as ultrasound devices, sterilisators, disinfectors, x-ray or MRI. You can expect quick responses from us and our partners. We help you in your buying process in the best way we can.

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These are the advantages of Thalamed:

We find you the right vendor

In a few simple steps, you let us know what it is you are looking for. We search the market to find the offers that best fit your needs and introduce you to the best fitting vendor(s). You can make an informed decision and save time on searching and comparing offers. You’ll be confident in your decision and save time to spent on what is important to you.

We save you time and money

Not only do we search for and compare offers for you, our service is also completely free of cost for you! You tell us your budget, and we make sure that all offers will be inside your budget range.

Independent advice

Our website contains several independent product reviews from doctors, so you can learn from other doctor’s experiences. Also, you can always get in touch if you need information or if you need to change something about your request. All so that we can guide you to your decision and purchase in the best possible way.